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(Five blatant security mistakes you should avoid when setting up a wireless access pointfrom TR Dojo Blog | TechRepublic by Bill Detwiler) MIstakes You Make When Setting Up WiFI

  1. Using Old Equiptment - Make sure it'll do WPA or WPA2
  2. Not resetting the default password
  3. Using a weak password
  4. Thinking if you hit the SSID or MAC address filtering for security
  5. Setting it up and then forgetting all about it

"What's the damage?" You say Any activity by an IP under your control is traced back to you: At least you will be always labeled a suspect. If someone can hack into your WiFi, he will be on your own network: He can continue to hack PCs or laptops in your home or listen to all packets transmitted wirelessly from and to them. I guess you can see the damage that they can do to you from that position. They can be running sniffers

Make sure you're not using an evil network when traveling